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bright young manila feature

Featured in Chalk magazine a few months ago (really have to work on posting things on time!) for their Bright Young Manila story. Surprisingly we were made to re-enact a sleepover despite boys rarely having sleepovers, even more so a sleepover in which we wear all the bright colors of the rainbow. All that aside, the shoot was fun and I made new friends like the Dutchman Samir and Lee from DLS-CSB. Thanks again for the feature Chalk!

zoo holiday collection 2011

My favorite stills from shooting for Zoo’s Holiday Collection, now available on their online store here

Make up by Aika Chua. Hair by Christine Lopez. Model is Jasmine Maierhofer. Styling and art direction by the Zulueta sisters of Zoo. Photography and editing by yours truly.

waking up randomly in a bed that isn’t mine

Woke up at my best friend Lui’s house at the crack of noon. We were joined quite shortly after waking by Nikki, who is awesome, and Denise, who is my cousin and similarly awesome. We were just hanging out, listening to music and watching funny things on the internet. Thankfully when Lui picked me up before we went drinking the night before he suggested I bring my camera on over to his house, and these are the results of the next day (when we drank some more) and the late night of the same day (where we continued our drinking binge). We played Reflow as well, it’s such an entertaining iPad application! I like the photos, despite it being quite a blustery afternoon and a rainy evening. Sorry, but this is going to be one long, random photo post. And please excuse Lui’s vanity, it’s in his personality. (Pfft, I’m one to talk!)

somewhere only we know